If you opt to keep your GS outside make sure they are in an enclosed fence. However be prepared, they may jump the fence and sit at the door that you are most likely to enter and exit.   Giants are protective of their owner and will defend them with their life. They are also companions for life.  I have personally owned two that lived over 15 years.

Most GS are very protective and this behavior can sometimes be mistaken as aggression.  Don’t be fooled it is a common trait among most working dogs but, my Giants are very stable and are not animal aggressive, early socialization is key.   Schnauzers require love and attention and I personally would prefer my Giants be kept inside.  GS are very social and prefer to be close to family.


The untrained GS can become aggressive, destructive. and very hard to deal with. This has been why over the years I have seen an increase in the amount of GS showing up in shelters. But they also can be quite clownish, and if silly behavior gets them a laugh and some attention they will pick up on that and become show-boaters. With Giant Schnauzers, more so than other breeds, you get out of them what you put into them. I reiterate here, when trained by an expert, your Schnauzer will be the most loyal, loving companion that will bring you nothing but laughter and joy. 

The personality of the Giant Schnauzer can vary from dog to dog. Some are high strung, some are laid back and easy going, some love everybody, others are very cautious with new people. The key to raising a happy and well-adjusted Giant Schnauzer lies in commitment to socialization and training from an early age. 

Properly trained GS make excellent family pets, they are reliable with children, properly mannered with strangers, respectful of boundaries. On the flip side of all the attributes, an untrained GS can make owning this breed a nightmare.


Welcome to Giant Schnauzers of America. We were first introduced to the GS in 1985, it was love at first sight.  After years of working with a multitude of different breeds we realized that there was only one breed that was protective, loyal, beautiful and as robust as the German Shepherd. Not to mention the shedding and health problems associated with other breeds. The founder, Blake (Top Dogg) Rashad has been trainng as well as breeding Giants every since.  He has put a tremedous amount of effect into his research in obtaining the perfect dogs for his breeding stock. We specializes in the American Coat with long curly furnishings. The GS is a working dog and does well in a working environment while also doubling as a clownish family member that interacts well with children. Top Dogg is a former US ARMY and Atlanta Police Department K9 trainer.  He successfully trained the first three drug dogs for the City Of Atlanta Police Department. 


His wealth of knowledge of the breed and what they were designed for shows his dedication to the  breed. Therefore, we have studied all aspects of the breed and embraced the Giant Schnauzers history. The GS excels in the show areana while breaking boundries and turning heads in the working field. We breed a large, strong, sound stable GS that is suitable for protection, schultzhund, tracking, military, police and service dog work.  The Giant Schnauzer is not for everyone!!!  This is a very special breed that  can have tremendous drive and stamina.  That said, we do not sell GS to first time dog owners, GS owners need to be able to lead this breed and provide strong guidance with clear instructions. The GS can make an excellent memember of the family that is loyal to a fault and will give you many loving year of dedication, love and security.

Because of their level of intelligence your GS may outgrow Basic Obedience and may tend to get a bit stubborn  as they advance into adulthood.  Intermediate Obedience is recommend and even advance obedience. Giants can be trained to do almost anything. 

Training a GS varies from individual to individual. Training should begin as early as possible, and should be conducted with firm leadership, 100% consistency, and a lot of praise.  I personally do not train with treats unless the dog is very young or unsure of himself. GS generally won’t except a wishy-washy trainer as a leader. Once basic obedience is mastered, GS should graduate on to advanced classes and if