We are a small kennel located near Atlanta, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Our dogs are kept in a home environment, not locked away in kennels.  Our pups receive Vet Checks and their tails, and dew claws are removed by a licensed veterinarian at just a few days old.  We do not perform any surgical procedures at home to save on cost.  Pups are de-wormed and have had two sets of shots before leaving at around 8 weeks of age.  The first few weeks of life with their Mother is very important in order for them to learn the skills for success.  We breed confident, strong healthy pups with a health guarantee. 

Our dogs are fearless and they never cower which is considered a fault with this breed.  We produce a loving, loyal, protective, fearless, and intelligent GS with low shedding and low doggy odor.  Our mission here at the GSA is to revolutionize the vetting process in which  families choose their pets. Educating the buyer is a fundamental part of protecting the breed. We will provide the best bred GS in America. All puppies and dogs undergo a behavior evaluation and socialization stress test before they are released to their new home.  

Training is offered and recommended. Our trained puppies undergo house breaking and will arrive to your home already obedience trained and well socialized. You will receive the history of the dog and the overall knowledge of the breed. When you buy a dog from GSA you buy with confidence. There are no surprises, you will have a understanding of exactly what your are signing up for. A sound well breed dog from parents that are well socialized and trained.       
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We understand the importance of choosing the right dog which can be sometimes be very difficult. Blake Rashad,  our founder is here to help you every step of the way. He is considered a Giant Schnauzer Expert, Dog Behaviorist and excellent trainer.  So many times the puppy you bring home turns out to be a burden and totally opposite of what you were looking for. This causes an increase in abandoned dogs. We will personally work with you and your family to ensure that you fully understand the breed. GS can be complexed and very confusing to a family that has never experienced a working breed. This is why we DO NOT recommend this breed for first time dog owners. Our belief system is to protect the Giant Schnauzer Breed as well as the familiy. 

Here at GSA we believe in preserving the breed making sure that breed standards are met and maintained.  

GSA's Mission