PUPPIES BEING SHIPPED:  Buyer is responsible for the cost of +Health Certificate +Airfare +Crate. 


The pick of the litter, or the pups we feel are extra special are reserved for people who not only want to show, breed, or work and is perfect for those who want to own only the very best. The dogs have the look, confidence and drive to perform at what level you are willing to go. We feel very strongly that only the very best should be bred and we are very strict in our grading.  We may grade only one or two in a litter as "Pick of the litter", sometimes there are none. 

$3000.00 Female
​$3500.00 Male

*Note: All of our Giants have AKC Limited Breeding Registration. This means they can not be bred. However, if you would like to compete in obedience trials and agility competition this is accepted. If you intend to show a Giant then you must choose the best of the best "Pick of the Litter".

If you finish a Championship on your Giant, just send us a copy of the AKC championship certificate and the restriction will be lifted.


Excellent quality pup, Not the pick of the litter, but the pups right below it. In other words, if you would like to show this pup he will be good enough quality and, except for a judge trained in seeing structural faults, no one can differentiate these pups from the champions. GS have the ability to metamorphosize into beautiful specimens. 

$2000.00 Female
​$2500.00 Male


We feel very strongly that only the very best should be bred and we are very strict in our grading. If you want to buy one in this category we guarantee he will get a championship, provided he is groomed, conditioned, and handled properly. We may grade only one or two in any litter as top show, sometimes there are none.

$2500 Female
$3000 Male

We provide a guarantee on health and temperament with every pup, which is uncommon with most breeders. 


Pet quality pup with a fault, such as overbite, only one descended testicle, or a runt, too small etc.

$1500 Female

$2000 Male

American Coat Black Giant Schnauzer