However, if the mother continues to reject the weak pup, it very well may be because the puppy has some unknown health issues. By adopting these practices it has enabled us to produce healthy offspring without the known health problems associated with this breed. These practices along with choosing the very best breeding pair has helped us produce an exceptional healthy stock.  So far we are not aware of  any problems with Hip Displacea or any types of cancers. Our pups are only given goats milk and a raw diet.  We are also  very conscious about over vacinating. Studies have shown that over vacinating can cause cancer and many other health concerns in animals.

​​​​We take pride in our puppies and very happy with the results.  We breed a very hardy and robust working line GS that is strong, intelligent and healthy. Since 1985 Top Dogg has studied the breed and determined that the American Coat lacked the drive of its German rough coat counterparts. So he started a personnel journey to breed a beautiful show and working GS.  He believes in the mother making natural selection of her young.  If the mother pushes a pup away we monitor that puppy and give it the attention it needs to try to make it strong again. 

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